Lucy and Gina Katefidi , second generation photographers, have been actively in the field of photography since 1993 .
Having as a mentor their father , George Katefidis, a well established and renowned photographer since 1968, as well as having studied photography in respected academies in Paris, they managed to give photography a unique touch.


Not all photographers are the same. This is absolutely a crucial aspect you should be aware of as few couples believe that the price could play role when they opt for their wedding photography. Apart from the cost , you should also pay special attention to your photographer’s personality ,qualifications ,style ,technical skills ,state-of-the-art equipment and a few more key factors.
You will be spending much of your time with your photographer on that special day, so it is essential you get along. Ideally, you will be able to work along with someone you feel comfortable with and who will help you refrain from the anxiety of that day and not with someone bossy who will be giving you tacktless orders .We are friendly, so there won’t have any problem working with us.


A professional wedding photographer must be able to work fast and cover every single aspect of the events of that day. We are going to design together your wedding plan and make sure that everything will get on well that day.

“With our advanced and excellent technical training, we attribute to your special moments’ pictures excellent depicting and artistic sensation.”